"A dream is just a dream.
A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline."
Harvey Mackay


Photograph courtesy of
Anthony Bruce-Brand aged 11

About Potential Unleashed

Our Vision:

  • Unleashing individual and corporate potential - working together to achieve enhancement & enlightenment of the individual and the organisation

Our Mission:

  • Working alongside you to unleash and allow you to reach your full potential
  • Recognising strengths, building on them during fun, interactive and applicable learning or coaching sessions that will stimulate you and make you want to know more moving you to the next level
  • Aligning Potential Unleashed with other organisations whose values are the same as ours. Working in association with these organisations to provide mutually beneficial relationships to our clients

Our Values:

  • Assume positive intent
  • Honesty in all that we do
  • Integrity - strive for and value integrity in ourselves and others
  • Passion & Energy that drives all that we do & are involved in
  • Respect for self and others
  • Synergy - valuing everyone and their opinions

Our Principals:

  • Choice – it will always be yours to make
  • Saying “NO” when a circumstance or situation is in conflict with or compromises our values & ethical standards
  • Time stands still for no one – it is what there is – let us use it wisely

Ethical Standards – OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU:

  • Working together to find sustainable solutions for you and your organisation. We seek mutual benefit in all interdependent relationships. Committed to both the person and the process
  • Listening to your needs and wants at all times. Guide and assist, when asked to do so
  • Your ideas, current practices and thoughts will be challenged – stretching you a little further than you thought you could go
  • Excellence in all that we present & do. Strive for continuous improvement and endeavour to exceed your expectations
  • Staying abreast of latest trends with regards to training initiatives and business practices
  • Improvement and illumination, development and clarification, and enrichment are our pledge to you
  • Give back to the community and society, by being aware of our environment and socially conscious of the needs of those in less fortunate than ourselves
  • Enjoy what we do – have fun and bring positivity to all that challenges us

Nikki Hommes MBA, NLP Practitioner, ICFA Member, Master TetraMap Facilitator, Training Facilitator Executive Coach

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