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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you only have customised training programs?
    We offer ready to go proven courses or programs where the content is already in place AND we can customise to suit a client’s needs and requirements. There will always be a conversation about this.
  • How many participants can attend a F2F training session?
    In our professional opinion, optimal group size is 12 – 16. Larger groups are absolutely fine, however we use more facilitators.
  • How many participants can attend a blended virtual training program?
    As many as you like up to 995, as we have 4 facilitators on the call as well as a producer.
  • Can coaching be done virtually?
    Coaching can be done face-to-face, over the telephone, on a Zoom call – any of these work well.
  • What does coaching cost?
    This is discussed and agreed once we know how many sessions are required. Coaching is usually 12 X 1-hour sessions and paid in advance of every 4 sessions. Call to discuss.
  • What do the training programs cost?
    It depends what your requirements are and what training we mutually agree is best to suit your needs and outcomes.
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