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Time Management and Personal Effectiveness


About the Course

  • Self-assessment of your current working effectiveness

  • Understanding the habits that sabotage us and how to navigate them


  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Reactive and Proactive

  • The 3 Tests of time - Introducing priorities

  • Criteria for setting priorities

  • Identifying my ‘Must Do’s’ - and, so what?

  • Time Management Matrix


  • Control the use of your time – overview

  • Dump everything and sort it – regularly

  • Now tidy it up – so that you can work with it

  • Allocate work into your calendar and monitor the calendar regularly – daily and weekly

Course outcomes

  • Know what is currently taking up your time – assess its value

  • Assess the appropriateness, necessity and efficiency of the tasks, projects or work you are doing

  • Learn to prioritise and plan

  • Understand what adds value to your role, your team, and your organisation

  • Determine urgency or importance - what drives us to produce the outcomes and results?

  • Overview the workload and how to fit it all in

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